Welcome Vendor

As a vendor, exhibiting with us will give you greater opportunities and open doors to a wider clientele.

Professional merchant displays and demonstrations, exciting fashion shows and wonderful prizes make the Wedding Expo a must-see for engaged couples it makes the most cost-effective way for you to meet them before they make their buying decisions. It is a win-win for all involved.

Benefits of Exhibiting

✅ Positions your business where it needs to be—in front of hundreds of engaged
couples each year.

✅ Solid return on investment. One to three bookings made during an Expo can
instantly recuperate your booth fee, making additional bookings even more

✅ valuable!

✅ Exceptional business-to-business networking opportunity that can lead to
lucrative referral business.

✅ Complimentary business listing on our website.

How To Navigate The Vendors Portal

The Vendors Portal is specifically designed to cater to you! The Vendor! Lets go through each tab individually so you have a quick understanding:

The First 4 tabs are designed to help you get to know where you are exactly

2) Next Wedding Expo

This page will show you when the next upcoming Wedding Expo events are with the Location as well !

3) Vendors Information

4 FAQs

5) About Us

Anything you may have not yet understood is explained in these tabs
Tabs 6 & Up are designed to help you connect and Start the Journey to getting booked
6) Contact
This is a general contact info page so you can get a quote for a booth, a telephone number, or any questions you might have
7) Make a Payment
A fast way to make a payment as a vendor
8) Online Promotion
Learn about how you can enter our online catalog of Vendors and send your
9) Banners and Logos
Send In your Banner or Logo to be promoted on the Wedding Expo Website for Brides!
10) Map - Floor Plan
See how the layout will be looking on the day on the Wedding Expo. Pick out the best spot for your Booth

Enjoy the Wedding Expo Experience !