Welcome Vendors

How's this next wedding season looking ? Fully booked up already ? Not really ? Yeah... Its not easy being a professional in the wedding industry AND having to market myself. I'm a really good photographer, my wife is an amazing Wedding florist. We spend a lot of time on our craft. Doing a good job takes times. I mean what can i say, i'm somewhat of an artist. I really love doing what i do. But I barley have enough time as it is. I'm working a job in the week and I do wedding photography on the weekends. This leaves me no time to rest and even less time to Market myself ! Its really hard to find bookings. Some weekends instead of making money shooting amazing Wedding pictures, Im on Facebook all night long look for leads and NOT getting paid for it !

My wife on the other hand is very lucky to run her own flower shop full time.. But.. And there is a but... Her competitors are getting WAY MORE BOOKINGS than her ! Why are her competitors doing better in sales when my wife's flowers are 10 x better in quality ? I can see her blood , sweat , and tears every day. I mean running your own little Business is not as easy as it seems at all.

See what YOU can do to start getting booked EVERY SINGLE Weekend ALL WEDDING SEASON LONG ...