Welcome Brides !

How is your Wedding Planning going? Got all the vendors you need? Its not as easy as you thought huh. I've been having trouble finding the perfect venue, Photographer, DJ, etc. I've been Googling trying to find the right services , but I want my wedding to be PERFECT . I mean it only happens once in my whole lifetime so there's only one chance to get it right. Us Brides deserve the best don't we?

Wedding planning takes forever and I still have to go to work and continue with my life !

1) Its the pressure of having everything perfect. (This is the most IMPORTANT DAY OF MY LIFE after all)

2) Its so hard to find the right Wedding Services, Where do i even begin to look ??


I'm a 24 year old Bride to be and I found myself googling for Wedding Services, spending my nights in bed on my phone. I had reached out to a couple of Videographers but I don't know who they are! , if they'll do a good job. So many concerns run through my mind. Of course i want my wedding Video to be perfect. And that's just one Wedding Service I need to book. I still need a Photographer, A Limo, A Band (my family LOVES Live music by the way so that's a must) But that definitely makes it more difficult. Not to mention, my future hubby as much as I love him (SO MUCH) He's not helping out at ALL ! Sure if i tell him " Hey call this Banquet Hall " He'll do it for me, But he's such a guy ! Something ALWAYS goes wrong.

Its always been a dream of mine as a little girl to have the PERFECT wedding. I wanna walk down the aisle with my long white Wedding Gown, Hair, Makeup done by someone professional. People I can trust to do this because again, There's only one time to get it right !!



But what if... all my googling wasn't for nothing ,   What if I just found the right place to make my dream wedding come true.   What if I can see with my own eyes how my Wedding will look BEFORE It even happens.   What if I can make everything right in ONE DAY , and sleep peacefully from now on knowing that It WILL be my perfect Dream Wedding.
The pressure is now off ...